29/01/2014 Hagar and the Angel: A Sound and Visual Installation

Madeleine Campbell
(Glasgow University)

This work is a creative response to The Hunterian’s exhibition of the same title and is a collaborative installation (with Sonic Artist Bethan Parkes and Visual Artist Birthe Jørgenson). It has arisen from the ongoing project Jetties, which is based on translations of prose and poems by Algerian Author Mohammed Dib (1920-2003). Mohammed Dib is widely regarded as a founding father of Algerian literature. Expelled from Algeria in 1959, he has always written in French. His oeuvre has been described as a ‘hymn to cultural exchange’. This collaborative work draws on Dib’s retelling of the story in his poetry collection L’Aube Ismaël (Dawn Ismaël, 1996) to engage with current themes of identity, exile and migration.

First published: 17 October 2014