Histology Research Service Price List


Processing to Paraffin Block and Produce Haematoxylin & Eosin Stained Slide £11.00
Processing to Paraffin Block and Unstained Slide £9.00 / £10.00*
Processing to Paraffin Block £7.00
Processing to Paraffin Block and Special Stain (Standard / Complex) £16.00 / £19.50*
Prepare Unstained Slide £4.00 / £5.00*
Prepare Slide and Stain with Haematoxylin & Eosin £7.00
Prepare Slide and Stain with Standard Special Stain £11.50
Prepare Slide and Stain with Complex Special Stain £15.50
Paraffin Scroll for Polymerase Chain Reaction   £6.00 

Depending on tissue type and size we may be able to produce blocks with multiple tissues embedded. *2-3 sections per slide, per block depending on sample size. Please contact the lab with any specific questions.


Prepare Slide and Stain with Antibody provided by VDS £20.50
Prepare Slide and Stain with Antibody supplied to us £18.00
Prepare Unstained Slide for IHC / IF (Antigen Retrieval can be performed in our lab) £4.00 / £5.00*
New Antibody Optimisation £170.00

We offer a specialised immunohistochemistry service for research including optimisation of custom antibodies.

We are continually updating our range of antibodies. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Whole Slide Scanning at x20 Magnification £2.00
Whole Slide Scanning at x40 Magnification £3.00
Whole Slide Scanning at x80 Magnification £5.00

We offer a whole slide scanning service at a magnification to suit your needs.

Scanned slide files can be sent via University File Transfer System or MS OneDrive.




Our Leica BOND Rx autostainer has the ability to run complex staining protocols for immunofluorescence, RNAScope ISH and other complex protocols. Please contact the lab to discuss your project needs.

Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT. Please contact vet-histology@glasgow.ac.uk to discuss any specific requirements you may have. 

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Can you process bone samples, if so, how long does it take to decalcify and does this cost more?

Yes, we can process bone samples once they have been decalcified. The time it takes to decalcify samples is dependent on the tissue type and the decalcification method being used.  No, it does not cost more, decalcification is covered in the cost of processing.

How long can I store my samples in 10% neutral buffered formalin?

We would recommend a minimum of 24 hours fixation at room temperature, more if the sample is larger. Once the tissue is fully fixed it should be moved to 70% ethanol or PBS for longer storage at room temperature.

I just need my tissue samples processed to FFPE blocks, can you store these for me and cut sections later?

Yes, we can process your samples to FFPE blocks and store them in our archive until you decide to have sections cut.

I have multiple tissue types I want processed, can I have multiple tissue in the same FFPE block?

Yes, this is dependent on the tissue type and size. Typically, we would embed soft tissue together, but not mix with neurological or bone tissue.

What methods of decalcification do you offer and what is the best one for my samples?

Formic acid, Surgipath and EDTA. We can advise depending on your samples.

I have FFPE blocks of my own, can you cut sections from these?

Yes, we can.

Can I have more than one section per slide?

Yes, this is dependent on the sample size, typically we can get either 2 or 3 sections per slide.

I have slides sectioned at a different lab; can you still stain these slides?

Yes, provided the correct slides have been used for the requested stain.

What is the turnaround time on having my samples processed?

We are a busy lab dealing with diagnostic, commercial and research samples so turnaround times can vary, a more accurate turnaround time can be provided once we know your requirements.

What antibodies can you offer?

We have an extensive range of both diagnostic and research antibodies working on multiple species. Please contact with your specific requirements.

I have an antibody I want to run on my samples, but I am unsure if it will work on a particular species?

We offer an optimisation service where we can help identify a suitable antibody for the desired species and find a working dilution and antigen retrieval method.

I would like to have my slides digitally scanned, what magnification should I choose?

This would depend on the level of detail required, if you are staining for microorganisms then a x80 magnification may be needed. Typically, x40 magnification is suitable for taking images for publication or for cell counting.

How can I view my digitally scanned slides?

We can provide you with software to view the scanned slide files. We use Aperio ImageScope, DS Assistant and QuPath.

I need some help with the interpretation of my slides, can you provide help with this?

Dependent on their current work load our Pathologists may be able to assist with interpretation.

Can you provide me with a quote for the work I would like carried out?

Yes, we can provide a quote for the work you would like carried out.

I am writing a manuscript and need to include the methods for the work you did for me, can you provide this?

Yes, we can provide the full protocol for any process we have used for your samples.

Can I come to your lab and use your equipment, possibly book a time slot to use it?

No, only our trained staff can use our equipment.