Research at Cochno

The research centre at Cochno has extensive Home Office - designated facilities for the accommodation of production animals (cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry). The centre sources and maintains animals for various client groups from within the University, in particular from research-active staff within the School of Biodiversity, One Health & Veterinary Medicine, and the School of Infection, Immunity & Inflammation. External users from biomedical, veterinary, pharmaceutical and nutrition organisations also conduct or fund research at Cochno.

Areas of research strength are in particular related to production systems, animal health, nutrition, animal breeding and reproduction, and epidemiology. However, the site also provides a controlled ecosystem for ecological studies, with a broad range of natural habitats set out at different elevations.

Our facilities include:

  • Basic surgery facility
  • Laboratory suite for general laboratory work and sample preparation
  • Ruminant metabolism laboratory
  • Licensed feed mill and mixing unit for diet preparation
  • Two large cattle courts with handling facilities
  • Large general purpose sheep barns
  • A range of small, flexible animal pens
  • A range of offices for administration and NACWO

Examples of research include:

Clinical and basic animal health studies

Ecological studies

  • Studies of nesting birds using nestboxes situated at Cochno
    see: Urban-rural gradient bird study system