Shafqat Ahrar Jaigirdar

I’m Shafqat Ahrar Jaigirdar, and during my undergraduate studies I developed a strong interest in the “scientific method” which involves coming up with interesting research questions and finding out the answers by experimentation. I pursued a PhD degree to be formally trained in research methodologies and experience life as an academic researcher. The UofG has an excellent global reputation in inflammation research with state-of-the-art facilities, hence it was the obvious choice for me.


There have been many highlights. One has been the inspirational setting where I was able to carry out my research. Right next to the gothic style main building (the Gilbert Scott Building). Another, was the regular opportunity to interact with world leading researchers who presented their work to UofG scientists every Wednesday for a fantastic seminar series.

During my PhD, my supervisors were incredibly supportive in aiding my development. I was encouraged to attend several international conferences where I participated and won multiple awards. Moreover, I was trained in research skills to an international standard. The global standing of UofG research and my training allowed me to develop a strong track record in academic research. This has enabled me to pursue a career in academic research at leading research institutes.