Sara Hosseinzadeh

I’m Sara Hosseinzadeh, and having enjoyed the freedom of studying a broad scope of subjects as part of Biology degree, I wanted a PhD project with a similar interdisciplinary nature. This is what attracted me to my project at UofG, which is a mixture of neuroscience, cell biology, immunology and bioengineering.


Although I have found it challenging to keep up with several disciplines, in confronting this challenge I have also gained invaluable skills ranging from self-motivation and organisation, to collating ideas and advice from several supervisors with differing expertise and opinions.

Presenting at conferences has been a particular highlight for me so far. It’s easy to get lost in the lab microcosm sometimes, so conferences have provided an excellent opportunity for me to step back, communicate with other researchers, and contextualise my work in a bigger picture.

The Institute also runs annual poster sessions and regular seminars to allow constant communication with other researchers. As I approach my final year and deliberate my future career options, I am feeling the benefits of being part of an active and collaborative institute which facilitates professional connections and provides a valuable pool of career advice.