Dr Andy Baxter

  • Research Assistant (MRC/CSO Social & Public Health Sciences Unit)


Andy recently completed his PhD at the University of Glasgow, investigating causes of falling teenage pregnancy rates in the UK and the contribution of the Teenage Pregnancy Strategy. Through this he gained skills in public health policy evaluation and designing and evaluating complex interventions.

Andy is currently working on two projects. With the Natsal team, he is investigating the impact of the Covid pandemic on women's reproductive health outcomes, and inequalities in service access and use. As part of an NIHR-funded project examining the impacts of Universal Credit, he will be using data from the Annual Population Survey to assess affects of UC on mental health and from the results produce a microsimulation model to replicate and test further effects of welfare policy changes.

Andy enjoys developing and teaching in R, and using interactive Shiny apps to present research. He recently contributed to the output of an app for the SHINE project to engage school children with research regarding their own health and associated health behaviours.


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