CPD courses offered by Mental Health and Wellbeing

"Acquired brain injury"

5 days
Daily (Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm)

What is it about?
This course covers the major cognitive, emotional, behavioural and broader psychosocial consequences of acquired brain injury.  Cognitive disorders addressed include attention, memory, and executive functioning.  In each cognitive domain, theoretical issues are discussed along with approaches to clinical assessment and rehabilitation.  Impairments of insight and awareness after brain injury are also examined.

Who is it for?
The course is for clinical psychologists, psychiatrists, rehabilitation physicians, speech and language therapists, and occupational therapists working with people with acquired brain injury.

Why should you undertake it?
This course will provide participants with ways of understanding how brain injury may impair cognition, emotion and behaviour.  Participants will learn about methods of assessment and approaches to rehabilition which will be applicable to their own work with people who have suffered a brain injury.