Dr Keila Meginnis

  • Affiliate Researcher (Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine)

telephone: 3533
email: Keila.Meginnis@glasgow.ac.uk


I graduated from the University of Puget Sound in 2013 with a degree in Economics and French and Comparative Spanish Literature. I then went to the University of Edinburgh and graduated with a MSc in Economics in 2014. In 2018 I graduated from the University of Manchester with a PhD in economics and was part of the Environmental Economics resource group. I am currently working as an economic Post-Doc in the Lamberton Lab.

Research interests

I am interested in using discrete choice experiments (DCE) applied to different areas. My PhD thesis was concerned with behavioural issue of strategic bias in DCEs and I designed several experiments to test for strategic bias in a laboratory and field setting.

My main interest is environmental economics with previous work focused on preferences for renewable energy development. However, my research interest expands to marine, health and behavioural economics.

Currently I am working on applying DCEs to health issues in developing countries. This project is funded through Medical Research Council with the primary investigator Dr Poppy Lamberton. This project is also working with Professor Nicholas Hanley and Dr Lucy Pickering. Specifically, we are investigating the persistence of Schistosomiasis in rural Uganda despite decades of mass drug administration. Schistosomiasis is transmitted through poor sanitation and hygiene practices. We will use an array of tools from sociology, biology and economics to better understand community understanding of the parasite and their acceptance of various policy interventions.


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