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Staff can be involved in more than one mentoring scheme and should feel free to explore multiple and complementary avenues for mentorship, both formally and informally.  There are several mentoring schemes available to BAHCM staff:

IBAHCM Mentoring Programme

BAHCM runs a Mentor Programme for all staff, fellows and postdocs regardless of seniority. It is our hope that this mentoring will support the career development, personal success, and integration of new and existing members of the Institute.

How do I enter the programme?

Everyone in BAHCM should be informed about the mentoring scheme and given the opportunity to have a mentor(s) or proactively ‘opt-out'. New staff will meet with the Director of Institute (DoI) where the scheme will be introduced to them, and support in the process of identifying possible mentors provided as required.  Mentors will be paired with mentees and should meet within 3 months to set expectations for mentoring.  Subsequent mentor-mentee interactions are managed by the mentee in whatever way is most helpful to them.  The mentor is distinct from your research host or line manager.

Further information can be found by downloading the Mentoring Toolkit.

University of Glasgow’s Early Career Development Programme Mentoring scheme

Some new staff members are also enrolled in this. The BAHCM scheme is complementary to this programme, so a single mentor is fine for both.

Further information available -

Best practice

Information on best practice, for mentors and mentees.

Feedback on mentoring will be obtained as part of the annual P&DR to allow evaluation and revision.

Useful Links on Mentoring

Some scientist-focused information on mentors is available on the website of the journal Nature as well as a great resource of external links: