WEFWEBs in art form

The University of Exeter is collaborating through The Creative Exchange Program with the local organization Tamar Grow Local (TGL) and the potter Rosie Fierek. The project seeks to disseminate, in an innovative way, the role that sustainable local food systems play in the creation of resilient livelihood throughout the Tamar Valley. This project is inspired by the work that TGL undertakes in the area, stimulating and incentivizing local food production and consumption, as well as in line with the research that is being carried out in our WEFWEBs project. Rosie Fierek is currently working in a three-dimensional sculpture that includes:

  1. a 'watery bed' of curvy tiles designed to represent ripples and reflections
  2. a large piece of sculptural wood dredged from the River Tamar last year
  3. a large peapod growing over the wood and seemingly rooted in the water

The whole art work has been designed to be seen in the round and there are figurative, abstract and surreal elements that remind us to the interlinkages of the local food systems to the natural environment.

The images below show sketches of the planned piece. Check back soon for more photographs as the work develops.

First published: 20 July 2017