Update and integration workshop in Newcastle

On Tuesday 21st of June, the WEFWEBs team gathered in Newcastle Upon Tyne, hosted by Newcastle University, for the 3rd update and integration workshop since the project began in October 2015.

The overarching aims for the day were:

(i) to establish a shared understanding of key terms and scope within the context of transdisciplinarity across all Work Packages and, particularly, to refine our meanings of ‘mapping’ the WEF ‘nexus’, and

(ii) to solidify the key actors, locations and scope for the participatory mapping and integrative workshops that will draw out specific details of WEF infrastructure, policy, governance and flows and states for our targeted case studies.

After the successful conclusion of the day’s deliberations, the WEFWEBs team retired to the BlackFriars Restaurant for a team dinner, experiencing authentic British cuisine in a medieval setting. This was the first opportunity the WEFWEBs team, including all Post-Doctoral Researchers, have had to engage in a team-building exercise, which will result in improved communication, cohesion and collaboration across the team.

On Wednesday 22nd of June, the WEFWEBs team reconvened to provide updates on progress-to-date and to deliberate on the project’s impact and outreach on the wider academic community, government bodies and industry. While the project is still in it’s first year, the discussions already indicate a favourable impact that will help to position the WEF nexus as a key point of interest for years to come. The meeting concluded with planning the next stages of engagement with key stakeholders and the final selection of the Advisory Board for future knowledge sharing and critique.

In all, the 3rd WEFWEBs update and integration workshop saw many successful outcomes and highlighted the benefits of such events.

First published: 28 June 2016