WCIP Bioinformatics

comics - data bioinformaticsBioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines computer science, statistics, mathematics and engineering to understand large volumes of biological data. Our team at  the WCIP works collaboratively with groups to provide research support in this area.  We are a diverse team and aim to apply our broad range of expertise and interests to maximise the throughput and impact of research at the WCIP.

In addition to data analysis, we can prepare DNA and RNA libraries for sequencing with Illumina and we can provide support to users of EuPathDB-familiy databases (tritrypdb.org, plasmodb.org, toxodb.org)

The bioinformatics team are based in B6-28 in the Sir Graeme Davies Building, University Place, and are always happy to discuss any ideas that you might have relating to your own research.

Bioinformatics Team