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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that combines computer science, statistics, mathematics and engineering to understand large volumes of biological data. Our team at  the WCIP works collaboratively with groups to provide research support in this area.  We are a diverse team and aim to apply our broad range of expertise and interests to maximise the throughput and impact of research at the WCIP.

We have expertise in R, Python, statistics, and pipeline development. Some of the code we write is publicly available at https://github.com/glaParaBio.

In addition to data analysis, we can prepare DNA and RNA libraries for sequencing with Illumina and we can provide support to users of EuPathDB-familiy databases (tritrypdb.org, plasmodb.org, toxodb.org). The bioinformatics team are based in B6-28 in the Sir Graeme Davies Building, University Place, and are always happy to discuss any ideas that you might have relating to your own research.


Bioinformatics Team


Dr. Dario Baraldi

I'm head of the bioinformatics core facility at the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology, University of Glasgow. I started my career in molecular genetics - my PhD is in quantitative genetics (University of Edinburgh) - and gradually shifted towards bioinformatics and genomics. I enjoy the process of turning large datasets into biological insights and develop software for this purpose. For this I use statistics, graphics, software engineering, and, most important, talk to collaborators to address the right questions.

Dr. Lindsey Plenderleith

I joined the bioinformatics team in 2022, after postdoctoral research into malaria genome evolution at the University of Edinburgh, and a PhD at Glasgow in trypanosome genomics. My main experience is in genome assembly and analysis of genetic variation, but I've recently been broadening my horizons into single-cell transcriptomics and third-generation sequencing analysis and I’m keen to try my hand at everything.

Dr. Graham Hamilton

I have been an NGS bioinformatician working at Glasgow Polyomics for the past 10 years. Recently, I have been working part time in the bioinformatics group at the WCIP. My expertise is predominantly in transcriptomics. I do however, have a fair bit of experience in variant analysis with a majority of those projects in parasites.

Ms. Marija Krasilnikova

Marija is the NGS technician for the Wellcome Centre. Her focus is sequencing library preparation and QC, as well as running of Nanopore and 10X Genomics sequencers. Her research background is genomic stability of Trypanosomes, and she is particularly interested in exploring and expanding the application of long-read Nanopore sequencing within the Centre.