Public Engagement

UK Research & Innovation state that:

Involving more people in research – as participants, co-researchers or audiences – has many benefits for researchers and society. It disseminates knowledge, stimulates dialogue and provides insight.

Engaging with more diverse people can improve the quality of research and its impact by widening research horizons and surfacing new ideas.

This is the approach we take at the WCIP and we also recognise that we have lots of different audiences so our public engagement activities are tailored to the interests and requirements of these different groups.

We run a number of different local programmes and activities - see below for more information.  Any organisation or group interested in developing an activity with us, or hosting a workshop should contact the Centre’s public engagement manager Miss Hannah Bialic. You can read our public engagement strategy in more detail.

If you are a current member of the WCIP and have a piece of engagement you would like to discuss please fill out this form.