New Wellcome PhD Programme

Published: 9 October 2019

New PhD school announced that will host studentships in integrative infection biology.

The University of Glasgow (UoG) occupies the global front rank of infectious disease research and is home to excellence in infection research including the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Parasitology (WCIP) and the MRC-UoG Centre for Virus Research (CVR).

Our research combines basic biology questions that investigate the mechanisms underlying pathogen driven disease, transmission and protective host responses, with translational approaches towards development of novel drug, vaccine or vector-control targets.

The new PhD school will take full advantage of this expertise when it will welcome students for the first time in the 2020/21 academic year. Our PhD programme sets out to equip the next generation of innovative world-class researchers with cutting-edge concepts and technologies, inspiring them to apply their skills to tackle the challenges of infectious diseases.

The programme will develop ‘Scientists without Boundaries’, instilling into each student the full range of scientific and generic skills required for success, to gain ambition and confidence as researchers, and to promote self-development as the modus vivendi for lifelong careers.

The programme is structured with a 6-month introductory period, a 3.5-year PhD project, followed by a novel 'PhD Plus' phase, which offers support beyond the PhD degree award.

You can find out more about the programme and the application process here.

First published: 9 October 2019