Parasites in Stitches

Published: 16 August 2019

A crafty new project to engage audiences with our research has been developed by PhD student Lauren Carruthers.

The Centre has a long history of using arts and crafts in its public engagement programmes and we are lucky in that we have a lot of creative staff. PhD student, Lauren Carruthers, has just developed a series of parasite images and an alphabet sampler that can be cross stitched. There are designs for all of the parasites that we study at the WCIP, with some information about each one. There are also designs to illustrate some of the complex life-cycles of these organisms, and some of the equipment we used to study them in the lab. The patterns can be downloaded here: Parasites in Stitches . You can also follow @ParasiteXStitch on Twitter and perhaps share your creations with us!

Parasite cross stitch Toxoplasma 

First published: 16 August 2019