Claire Lincoln

Claire completed her undergraduate Physiotherapy degree at Glasgow Caledonian University in 2002 and an MSc in Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise in 2008.  She initially worked across various specialties in Glasgow, UK and Auckland, New Zealand to develop her basic skills and has been in her current role as a specialist physiotherapist in SCI at the QENSIU since 2006.  In April 2019, she was successful in gaining an NRS AHP Fellowship to further develop her role in research and is now contributing to the SCISCI portfolio through study design and / or implementation.

Claire is developing her research portfolio based on her clinical interests which include FES, rehabilitation technology, physical activity after SCI and promotion of neuroplasticity in acute SCI.  She was a specialist commentator on the NICE MedTech Briefing for the RT300 for spinal cord injury rehabilitation (2019) and is currently part of a UK wide expert panel to facilitate physical activity promotion by physiotherapists for people with SCI.

Research Projects: