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If you would like to request one of our services or find out more about costs and timelines, please email Jennifer.Hay@glasgow.ac.uk.

For Colorectal Cancer research http://www.glasgowcancer.org/research/our-teams/colorectal-cancer-team/


Summary of Services:

Microtomy (Whole section/TMAs) from £3.50 per slide
H&E staining from £5.00 per slide
IHC Staining from £10.00 per slide per antibody
Digital Scanning - BrightField WSI from £3.00 per slide
Digital Scanning - BrightField - TMA from £5.00 per slide
Digital Scanning - Immunofluorescence, single From £5.00 per slide
Digital Scanning - Multiplex From £15.00 per slide
Tissue MicroArray Construction (TMA) From £30 per case
Visiopharm Image Anaylsis please enquire