Decolonizing Glasgow and the post/colonial

Published: 9 April 2019

Monday 29 April 2019

Decolonizing Glasgow and the post/colonial

Monday 29 April 2019, 2-4.30pm.  Humanities Lecture Theatre, Main Building

We are inviting everyone interested in our Arts Lab theme (Decolonizing Glasgow and the post/colonial) to give a 5-minute lightning talk to one PowerPoint slide on their relevant research and teaching.

This event will be a chance to connect with other researchers working on topics related to the theme.

To attend all or part of the event please sign up via the Eventbrite page.

Any questions, or if you would like to be included in the programme please email your title to: 

Decolonizing Glasgow and the post/colonial theme leaders: 

Panel 1, 14.00-14.35

  • Dr Rosie Spooner, Lecturer in Information Studies
    ‘Thinking About, Around and Through the Uneasy Relationship between Museums and Empire’
  • Dr Katherine Lloyd, Lecturer in Museum Studies
    ‘Decolonizing the Museum: Developing a Critical Praxis Pedagogy in Museum Studies at Glasgow’
  • Julieann Koch, Museum Studies MSc Student
    ‘Freeing Legacies: Documenting the Hidden History of Slavery in the University of Glasgow Library Collection’
  • Professor Michael Syrotinski, French, SMLC
    ‘The Postcolonial and the Untranslatable’
  • Dr Joanna Kopaczyk, Deputy Head of English Language and Linguistics
    ‘Was it linguistic colonization? History of Scots for Glasgow Students’
  • Dr Paul Castro, Lecturer in Portuguese and Comparative Literature
    ‘Ricardo Rangel’s Photographs of Colonial Lourenço Marques’
  • Dr Nadia Altschul, Senior Lecturer, Hispanic Studies
    ‘Legacies of Migration, Slavery, and Extraction: Scotland and Minais Gerais in the 19th Century’

Break 14.35-14.50

Panel 2 14.50-15.20

  • Dr Stephen Mullen, Lecturer in History
    ‘Slavery, Abolition and the University of Glasgow: The Slavery Report’
  • Dr Joe Slater, Lecturer in Philosophy
    ‘From Demandingness to Dismantling: Carlyle Must Fall’
  • Nelson Mundell, PhD Candidate, History
    'Advertisements for the Runaway Enslaved: An Exercise in Decolonizing’
  • Dr Lizelle Bischoff, Lecturer in Film and Television Studies
    ‘Decolonizing through African Film, Teaching, Research, and Curation’
  • Dr Rachel Douglas, Lecturer in French
    ‘Moving Images of Haiti: Beyond Disaster Narratives’
  • Dr Matthew Waites, Senior Lecturer in Sociology
    ‘Decolonizing Global Queer Politics’

Break 3.20-3.35

Panel 3

  • Dr Andy Mills, Lecturer in History of Art
    ‘Introducing World Art Studies to the University of Glasgow’
  • Dr Christine Whyte, Lecturer in Global History
    ‘Focusing on Futures: Teaching the History of the Black Atlantic through Biographies’
  • Professor Willy Maley
    ‘The African Modernities Course’
  • Dr Julia McClure, Lecturer in Early Modern & Late Medieval History
    ‘Global History and the Decolonization of the Curricula’
  • Dr David Featherstone, Senior Lecturer in Geography
    ‘Maritime Labour and Decolonization from Below’
  • Dr Jelmer Vos, Lecturer in Global History
    ‘Teaching History at Glasgow: Perspectives from the Global South’

First published: 9 April 2019