We are an interdisciplinary team with an academic interest in end of life issues around the world

David Clark

Professor David Clark

Wellcome Trust Investigator (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: End of life care; End of life policy and services; Interventions in end of life issues; Hospice and palliative care history; Evaluation in end of life care; Housing with care; The life and works of Cicely Saunders

Nicole Baur

Dr Nicole Baur

Research Associate (Wellcome Trust Project) (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: spatial & environmental humanities, history of mental health care, history of climate change & human health, end of life care, narratives of illness, oral history

Marian Krawczyk

Dr Marian Krawczyk

Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Fellow (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: end of life; palliative care; hospital care; clinical practice change; qualitative and non-traditional methods; affect and suffering; medical anthropology; ethnographic theory; research ethics; microbiome

Naomi Richards

Dr Naomi Richards

Lecturer (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: End of life issues facing older people, Dementia and end of life decision-making; Assisted suicide; Testimony, witnessing and narrative at the end of life; Visual representations of older people; Visual representations of death and dying

Gitte Koksvik

Dr Gitte Koksvik

Research Associate (Wellcome Trust) (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: End of life, social constructions and representations of death and dying, Medicalisation, Intensive care, Ethnographic research, Affect and emotion in research, Research ethics, Bioethics, Non-treatment decisions, Personhood.

Alexander Whitelaw

Dr Alexander Whitelaw

Senior Lecturer (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: The conceptual nature of public health; the implementation and sustainability of healthy public policy and practice; 'settings-based' approaches; discourse-based approaches to policy research

Alistair Hunter

Dr Alistair Hunter

Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Policy (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Ageing; International Migration; End-of-Life Issues; Ethnic and Religious Minorities; Policymaking; Social Systems Theory; Luhmann; Islam; Muslim; Middle East; Christian; Death; Dying; Older People; Return; Pensions; Care; Health; Home; ICT; Deathscapes; Transnationalism; Burial

Sheri Gerson

Dr Sheri Gerson

Research Associate (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Palliative and end of life care, assisted dying, ethics in palliative and end of life care, public health/health care policy, and qualitative methodologies

Ben Colburn

Dr Ben Colburn

Senior Lecturer (Philosophy)

Research interests: autonomy; liberalism; neutrality; responsibility; philosophy of education; distributive justice; end of life care; assisted suicide; history of ethics; the philosophy of the market; philosophy of mathematics; pragmatism

Santiago Correa

Dr Santiago Correa

Research Associate (Honorary) (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: palliative care, primary care, family medicine, compassionate communities, public health models and strategies

Hamilton Inbadas

Reverend Dr Hamilton Inbadas

Honorary Research Fellow (School of Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: Palliative care; Historical, theological, philosophical and cultural understandings of spirituality at the end of life; spiritual care in end of life care; contextual understandings of death, dying and bereavement; ethical issues in end of life care

Bridget Johnston

Professor Bridget Johnston

Florence Nightingale Foundation Chair in Clinical Nursing Practice Research (Nursing & Health Care)

Research interests: Palliative/end of life care research; Dignity and end of life care; Psychosocial interventions and palliative/end of life care ; nursing research in palliative/end of life care; palliative/end of life care issues in the care of the older person

Lars Materstvedt

Professor Lars Materstvedt

Visiting Professor (Interdisciplinary Studies)

Research interests: ethics, end of life, health law and medical ethics, withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment, terminal sedation, palliative sedation, futile treatment, ethics of organ donation


Amy McCreadie

Administrative Officer


Glasgow End of Life Studies Group

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