British Library visit for CRCEES postgraduates

CRCEES is planning a day event in collaboration with the British Library in order to provide postgraduates with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the resources and search facilities of the library in addition to the specialist collections relevant to Slavonic and East European studies. It is intended that library specialists from the different collections will be available for discussion.

At this stage – we need to gain an indication of general interest as well as area specialisms in order to firm up the event.

Specialist collections include:

  • Polish,
  • Czech/Slovak,
  • Hungarian,
  • South Slavonic/Romanian/Moldovan,
  • Ukrainian/Belorussian, and
  • the Baltic States)

While the event is perhaps of most use to those at a relatively early stage of their research – it may well be of value to those at a more advanced stage.

Regardless – all are very welcome to take part.

CRCEES will cover the travel costs (i.e. advanced bookings return London) for CRCEES funded students.

The provisional date for the event is Monday 23rd March, 2009.

Please do let us know asap if you are interested in attending and also your area of interest.

If you require further information on the event please contact Jon Oldfield, postgraduate convenor CEES, at

First published: 13 January 2009