Estonian Embassy donate books to Glasgow University

Estonian Ambassador to the UK Margus Laidre donates Estonian books to the University of Glasgow at the embassy on Wednesday, 27 May.

Around one hundred Estonian translations of British authors were received by the lecturer in Estonian language, society and culture at the University of Glasgow, Lea Kreinin. The books will primarily be used for teaching Estonian in Scotland.

According to the Estonian Ambassador Margus Laidre beautiful mother tongue sustains the Estonian culture and books in Estonian provide the best medium for this. "Hopefully these books will help teaching our mother tongue and promote Estonian language and culture in Scotland," he said.

The books will be kept at the university premises, where Estonian language students, local Estonians and Estonian students in Scotland can meet and organise cultural events. The books will also be available for borrowing from the campus.

Estonian language, society and culture have been taught at the University of Glasgow for three years already. The lecturer Lea Kreinin joined the Central and East European Studies Department in September 2006. Starting from next year the Estonian language will also be taught as one of the modern European languages at the university's Department of Modern Languages. Estonian lecturer's work at the University of Glasgow is supported by the Estonian government as a part of the wider programme of teaching Estonian in academic establishments abroad.

The books were donated to the embassy by Andrew Nurnberg Associates and the Estonian publishers, who visited the London Book Fair this year, including Varrak, Eesti Raamat, Eesti Entsüklopeediakirjastus, Tänapäev, Tiritamm, Punane Raamat, Ersen, Ilo, Sinisukk and Skarabeus.

First published: 27 May 2009