HumBox - New Educational Resource

The HumBox project is part of a wider Open Educational Resources initiative funded by the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) and the Higher Education Academy, to showcase UK Higher Education by encouraging teachers within HE institutions to publish excellent teaching and learning resources openly on the web. The HumBox project focuses on the Humanities and is a collaboration between four Humanities Subject Centres (LLAS, English, History and Philosophical and Religious Studies), and at least twelve different institutions across the country.

The HumBox project aims to publish a bank of good quality humanities resources online for free download and sharing, and in doing so, to create a community of Humanities specialists who are willing to share their teaching materials and collaborate with others to peer review and enhance existing resources. The resources published as part of our project will be placed in the HumBox, an innovative new online storage area for teaching and learning materials. See:

CRCEES would like to invite contributions to the HumBox repository. Please email any ideas which you may have on possible resources which you could contribute by Sunday 31 January 2010 to Dr Clare McManus. You would not have to have your contribution ready until January - March 2010. All contributions will be peer reviewed and placed in the Humbox by 1 April 2010 at the latest.

Resources should not be too highly specialised but should be informative about the history, culture, society, politics etc of a given country from the Russian, Central and East European region. Types of resources which may be deposited are: Word Documents; Powerpoint Presentations; Videos; Photographs; Recorded lectures/seminars/interviews etc.  We are not looking for language exercises but for example a Powerpoint Presentation of the history of language development in say Lativa would be fine.
As you are aware across the CRCEES network we have colleagues working on at least 11 countries: Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan (and other Central Asian/Caucasian states. We are seeking contributions covering all of these countries but would particularly like those of you who work on Serbia; Croatia; Slovenia; Central Asian states and Ukraine to send us your ideas about possible contributions.

First published: 16 December 2009