New Postgraduate Language Diplomas in Serbian, Croatian and Slovene

As part of its participation in CRCEES, the Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies at Nottingham is setting up two postgraduate language diplomas in Serbian/Croatian and Slovene. These diplomas are designed for beginners and will involve an intensive language course, which involves both oral and written acquisition and has particular emphasis on acquiring high level reading skills in the target language by the end of the programme. Assessment will be by exam, oral and portfolio. There is a maximum of five places available on each diploma.

The diploma will begin in October and finish in early June with the assessment process, with standard vacation periods at Christmas and Easter. There will be maximum of 15 hours tuition per week depending on individual student requirements, with an expectation of further independent work to ensure sufficient progress.

Applicants must have an undergraduate honours degree, at 2(i) or above, or its equivalent. Students expecting to graduate in the summer of 2007 may apply.

The tuition fee, still to be confirmed, is expected to be comparable to that for the taught MA programmes at Nottingham.


For the academic year 2007-08: there are two studentships available from CRCEES: one studentship in Serbian/Croatian and one in Slovene. This will cover tuition fees and a maintenance grant (£12.3k). As this is an AHRC/ESRC funded initiative, applicants for the studentship must be of UK nationality. EU candidates are eligible for tuition fees only.

Please write a letter of application stating which language you wish to apply for; why you wish to take the diploma; give details of your language learning experience; and give reasons why the diploma will enable your future career. Please enclose a CV and two references.

The letter and CV should be sent to Professor C. Marsh by 1 May 2007, to the following address:

Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies,
University of Nottingham,
University Park, Nottingham

First published: 3 April 2007