Does Bosnia and Herzegovina still matter?

CRCEES Wednesday Seminar

Thursday, January 23rd

3pm-5pm, Room 236, Thomson bld.


Title: Does Bosnia and Herzegovina still matter?

Speaker: Prof Emir Filipovic, University of Sarajevo


The talk will focus on modern Bosnia and Herzegovina, its more recent past (including the breakup of Yugoslavia and the war of the 1990’s) and the country’s geopolitical position, as well as about the relationship between religious and national identity in a traditionally multi-ethnic society. The presentation will examine Bosnia and Herzegovina’s struggle to deal with the legacies of war and post-communist transition, and will explain why the country still exists even though it has been branded as the world’s most complicated system of government. This would be a good opportunity to pose the question whether Bosnia and Herzegovina can still be relevant as a paradigm for the political debates and discussions of our own time.

First published: 13 January 2020