Public engagement

The Halsey lab strongly advocates for public engagement and patient/parent/public involvement in research.


Professor Chris Halsey was a guest on the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group Research Talks series, and gave a webinar aimed at parents and families of a child with cancer and the general public.

Other highlights include:

  • Presenting our future research plans to the Cancer Research UK (CRUK) Research and Strategy Cancer Insight Panel (CIP).
  • The CRUK patient involvement team also helped us set up e-consultations with the CIP and the Children and Young People’s Advisory Panel, on different interventions to reduce neurotoxicity.
  • Our PPI work is featured as a case study on the CRUK patient involvement toolkit webpages
  • One of our Honours Biochemistry students has produced a video explaining our research to patients with leukaemia, their parents and the wider healthcare team.
  • Visiting schools to promote cancer research and science careers.
  • Running public engagement activities at Glasgow Science Centre 'Science Lates' events.