Challenges for Computing Science Education in Glasgow East End and Eastern Africa

Published: 18 November 2019

Nguiruri Nganga shares some reflections on challenges faced in CS Education in the contexts of both Glasgow's East End and generally in East Africa.

DATE: 18th November 2019
TIME: 13:00-14:00
LOCATION: Lilybank Gardens Room F121 (Conference Room)

My PhD research addresses the question of situated contexts in which learning and teaching in foundational CS can be effective, in this case applying physical computing pedagogy in disadvantaged social and economic environments.

In this talk, I will outline my background and experience - both working with school-age children in the East End of Glasgow and experiencing K-12 computing education in Kenya. I will identify difficulties - some of which are cultural, others are infrastructural - which limit the effectiveness of CS education in these two geographies. I will sketch out my plans to produce a Darmstadt Model [1] characterization of these learning environments and present a work-in-progress questionnaire instrument, by which I hope to gain deeper insight into these challenges.


First published: 18 November 2019