Naomi Clark leads Mindfulness for Students Workshop

Published: 11 December 2018

Naomi Clark leads a workshop titled "Mindfulness for Students" in collaboration with GU Positive Minds and the SRC.

In collaboration with GU Positive Minds and the SRC as part of Exam De-Stress Week, students will have the opportunity to explore mindfulness and how it can be used to cultivate calm in university life.

Led by CCSE research assistant, Naomi Clark, this workshop is aimed at those with little or no prior knowledge or experience of mindfulness. A blend of presentation and participation, recent research on benefits and effects of practice will be explored, addressing misconceptions and deepening our understanding of what actually mindfulness is, with opportunity for discussion and participation in various guided mindfulness exercises.

The workshop is free and open to all GU students.

First published: 11 December 2018