What do we do?

The Centre for Computing Science Education brings much needed focus to the development of Computing Science (CS) as a mainstream school and university subject, with a coherent progression all the way from early years education through to graduate level and beyond.

At this key time when CS education across the world is expanding into primary and secondary schooling, CS education experts are extremely few in number and are spread widely. Most leading organisations involved in the provision of CS education at primary and secondary levels have
only limited access to CS expertise in house.

The Centre will highlight the work of all who are involved in CS education, both within and outside the University, and provide leadership and advice to associated organisations. We will be at the forefront of CS education research, CS teacher education and professional development and the training of future leaders in the field.

The purpose of the Centre is to increase radically the visibility and activity around Computing Science education in terms of opportunity, practice, research, and leadership, to ensure its successful adoption as a mainstream subject, with the consequent benefits to education, industry and society.

The Centre has three principal aims:

  1. to lead high-quality research in CS education, making use of the nationwide network of teachers connected with the Centre to trial and evaluate novel teaching approaches;
  2. to be the primary disseminator of CS education best practice and research results for student and practising teachers at all levels, as well as amongst university and further education CS lecturers;
  3. to generate opportunities for discussion and debate on CS education with a wide range of stakeholders.