Alexia Koletsou

Contact Details:
School of Education
College of Social Sciences
University of Glasgow
St Andrew's Building, Room 683,
11 Eldon Street, Glasgow, G3 6NH


Research Interests

My research is on climate change communication for behavioural change. The focus of my research is on determining how to effectively communicate climate change to the public with an aim of encouraging people to take more sustainable behaviours. I am currently developing an integrated theoretical framework which will allow us to identify barriers to climate change mitigation involving: a) social dilemmas, as work in this area helps us to understand why choosing not to participate in climate change mitigation seems like a sensible option to so many, b) efficacy, as much research has shown this to be necessary for behavioural change, and c) human actions, because focusing on actions that make the most difference makes the best use of resources. I hope that the findings from this project will be applicable to a range of ecological and conservation biology problems.
A presentation of my work to date can be found online at:

Academic History

2010-2013: PhD, School of Education, University of Glasgow

2009-2010: MSc in Inter-Professional Science Education and Communication, University of Glasgow, School of Education (with Merit)

2006-2007: MRes in Proteomic Technologies, University of Glasgow, College of Science (with Merit)

2001-2006: MEng in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (2:1), University of Glasgow, College of Engineering