Postgraduate taught 

TESOL: Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages MEd

Background and aims

Background and aims

This one-year taught programme covers contemporary issues in education and central concerns of English Language Teaching to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at all educational levels.  There is a specific emphasis on how theory relates to practice. Students are encouraged to take a broader view of the links between classroom activity and approaches to programme design, teacher development and policy decisions.

The programme is delivered by English for Academic Study in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and the School of Education, which includes UK and international students from different countries and subject disciplines.

Is this programme for you? 

This programme is for teachers of English Language wishing to develop their professional expertise and enquiry skills, and it is primarily aimed at those with at least two years’ experience. Please note: This is not a teaching qualification in Scotland.

What will Iget from this programme? 

An overview of contemporary issues in Education and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESoL) /Applied Linguistics;

  • familiarity with the issues currently at the forefront of research in TESoL/Applied Linguistics
  • an understanding of how theory relates to practice
  • a broader view of the links between classroom activity and approaches to programme design and teacher development
  • comprehensive skills to conduct research in the field
  • the opportunity to extend your professional experience by working with others from different educational and language backgrounds. 

Introductory reading 

If you have a chance to do some reading before beginning your programme, any one or more of the following books will be useful as background:

An introduction to learning a second language, for example:

  • Lightbown, P.M. & Spada, N. 2013, How languages are learned, Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  •  Saville-Troike, M. 2006, Introducing second language acquisition, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge;New York;.

An introduction to principles underlying teaching and learning a second language, for example:

  • Nunan, D. & Carter, R. 2001, The Cambridge guide to teaching English to speakers of other languages, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
  •  Brown, H.D. 2014, Principles of language learning and teaching: a course in second language acquisition, Sixth edn, Pearson Education, White Plains, NY.
  • Richards, J.C. & Rodgers, T.S. 2014, Approaches and methods in language teaching, Third edn, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.

An introduction to descriptions of language, for example:

  • Yule, G. 2014, The study of language, Fifth edn, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Accredited Prior Learning (APL) 

Students who have the Cambridge ESOL DELTA or Trinity Diploma in English Language Teaching may apply for accreditation for prior learning for Language Learning and Applications to the Classroom, a core course of Semester 1.