Precision Medicine & Pharmacological Innovation

Project Title Examples: Past & Present

Presision Medicine Pharmacological Innovation Projects


  • Molecular approaches for risk and subtype stratification in triple negative breast cancer – a personalised diagnostic concept phase project


  • Preparation of a purified high titre virus for use as a standard/control in transmission electron microscopy assays
  • Closed processing for manufacturing

Bristol Myer Squib

  • AI for precision medicine research in the UK:ecosystem and opportunities
  • Future of medical education
  • Diversity and inclusion in UK clinical research


  • Investigating the differences in the transcriptome of lung cancer across patient survivability

Glasgow Tissue Research Facility

  • Investigating optimum conditions and materials for tissue microarray (TMA) construction


  • N-of-1 trials - develop an N-of-1 trial design for precision medicine in Scotland
  • Patient education - carry out a survey of patient experience with existing online health education resources
  • Digital health regulatory landscape

Living Lab/Digital Health Validation Lab

  • Public perception of healthcare data privacy
  • Healthcare data startups

Living Lab/Pharmacogenomics

  • Business case for pharmacogenomics
  • Integrating pharmacogenomics into the NHS


  • Use case for remote monitoring of blood pressure in terms of a patient survey implementation, exploring the patient user experience when requested to home monitor their blood pressure by healthcare professionals


  • Developing a digital service for personalised preventative management of COPD
  • Developing a digital service for personalised preventative management of COPD
  • Investigating utility of innovations to minimise maternal - infant separation in neonatal care

Oxford Biodynamics

  • Mining Biological knowledge from a graph database


  • Revealing precision medicine strategies using human ex vivo tissues and machine learning

University of Glasgow

  • Uromodulin: a precision medicine target and pathway for novel drug discovery
  • Current and future potential impact of precision medicine in cardiovascular disease
  • Risk of adverse outcomes from active commuting
  • Designing trials in vascular dementia
  • PDE4s in disease