Postgraduate taught 

International Relations MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Erik Kruse, Scotland (2017-18)  

'Having studied Politics at the University Glasgow for my undergraduate degree, I already knew the quality of the department and university overall making it an obvious choice for me to continue my studies there. I love the city as well for all the bars, music and food scenes and the possibility of being able to spend more time there was a big part of my consideration to go back. The programme itself offered a very wide variety of courses allowing me to go in depth into areas of study I hadn’t necessarily considered before. The study trip to Brussels was a definite highlight and has directly led to me embarking on an internship there for a branch of the Scottish Government. I continue to recommend the University of Glasgow to people. To get such a good university in such a fun place to live is all you can ask for.'

Alice Burling-Brown, Scotland (2017-18) 

'An award winning reputation and beautiful campus led me to choosing the University of Glasgow to complete my MSc International Relations. I had previously taken an undergraduate degree in Business Management and worked in IT project management for a few years, but wasn’t feeling fulfilled. The programme at UofG gave me the opportunity to get back into my interests and studying whilst giving me an esteemed Masters at the end. I have loved my time at UofG! The postgraduate community is great and I have made friends from all over the world as well as being exposed to interesting areas of study. The International Relations programme also gave me the opportunity to travel to Brussels to visit the institutions and see what life after studying could be like for us. The programme has opened my mind to whole new way of looking at the world, in turbulent political times there is no better time to study international relations than now. On top of a great year, it has also given me strong employability skills. I am now getting ready to move to London upon completion of my dissertation to start my role as a policy advisor in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, a role I wouldn’t have got without my professors & the course reigniting my passion in current affairs.'