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International Relations MSc

What our students say

What our students say

Hugh Vondracek, USA, (MSc, 2014-15)

Hugh Vondracek'The programme  helped build me into a marketable and employable graduate.  Potential employers have been attracted by the values the IR programme builds in students: the ability to see the bigger picture and ambition to tackle global issues, creative solutions, the ability to build an argument and the statistical confidence and know-how to defend that position. By first grounding students in the most current IR scholarship before challenging them to push further by finding new problems or new solutions to old ones, the MSc International Relations at Glasgow produces graduates with both inventiveness and rigour. And with the University's Q-step curriculum to build graduates' statistical backgrounds, the IR program definitely provides added-value when students enter the job market. My research on Chinese investment in sports infrastructure around the world has attracted attention from potential employers in both the for- and not-for-profit sectors and the skills the Masters in IR develops have been key.'

Gabriela García, Ecuador, (MSc, 2013-14)

‌'I chose the University of Glasgow as it has a well-known reputation; a work colleague and some friends gave me the best references for it. I also checked the world ranking Universities as my scholarship only allowed me to choose from the top positions. Finally, I had the opportunity to visit Glasgow and the campus before enrolling; I was very surprised by the friendliness of the staff and the beauty of the city.

I am a lawyer with a degree in Criminal Law, however, I wasn’t keen about practicing. In one of my undergraduate courses I had the chance, briefly, to review International Law and International Relations and I decided to further my studies in that area. The best aspect of the programme was the opportunity to focus on contemporary issues in International Relations that can be applied to any country. The programme is very diverse in every sense, including the staff and the students.

What I liked about Glasgow was the people, how friendly they are and always happy to help. There is no discrimination whatsoever, which makes me feel very comfortable. I would strongly recommend the University of Glasgow because it opens the door to a diverse and different environment. I would suggest that international students who want to come to this University prepare themselves to be challenged and become better professionals.'