Postgraduate taught 

Information Technology MSc



  • To complete the MSc degree you must undertake a project in an area of your choice, worth 60 credits. You will investigate a challenging but constrained computing science problem, and will design, implement, evaluate, and demonstrate a software system.
  • The project will integrate subject knowledge and generic skills that you acquire during the MSc program.
  • We offer a wide range of projects, and each student is normally allocated a different project. We take your preferences into account when we allocate the projects.
  • You will also have the opportunity to propose your own project, subject to academic approval.

Example projects

Here are some typical project titles from recent years:

  • Augmented reality iPhone application
  • Comparison of matching methods for medical students
  • Developing a mobile chess game using Bluetooth
  • Drawing editor for digital hardware diagrams
  • Economic video game
  • Gesture media player
  • Improving the facial analysis tool for clinical use
  • Mind games: Othello
  • Multimodal simulation of string instrument bowing
  • System to support real estate valuation
  • Tactile navigation system
  • Tactile widgets for mobile devices
  • Touchscreen accessibility
  • Using light for input
  • Web-based data miner
  • Web-based metabolomics database

Furthermore for students hoping to continue into research, we have four major research sections:

  • human computer interaction (GIST)
  • formal analysis, theory and algorithms (FATA)
  • information, data and analysis (IDA)
  • computer systems (GLASS)

Most MSc students choose projects offered by these groups, giving them an opportunity to go on to PhD study. See details of our research.