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Industrial Heterogeneous Catalysis MRes

Academic staff

Academic staff

  • Prof. David Jackson, spent 18 years with ICI plc, developing new catalytic processes before joining University of Glasgow in 2000.  His research interests include syn-gas chemistry, hydrogenation, catalyst deactivation and reaction mechanisms.

  • Prof. David Lennon, joined the University of Glasgow in 1995.  His research efforts are concentrated on surface chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis, examining phenomena at the gas/solid and liquid/solid interfaces.  He makes extensive use of spectroscopic probes, in particular vibrational spectroscopy (i.e. infrared spectroscopy, Raman scattering and inelastic neutron scattering).

  • Prof. Justin Hargreaves, joined the University of Glasgow in 2002 where he is currently Professor of Catalytic Materials Chemistry. His research interests centre upon structure activity relationships particularly in relation to activation of small molecules such as nitrogen and methane.

  • Dr. Emma Gibson, moved to the University of Glasgow on a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellowship in 2017. Her interests lie in applying synchrotron techniques and vibrational spectroscopy to study heterogeneous catalysts under reaction conditions.

  • Dr. John Birtill, was an industrial research scientist at ICI and Air Products for 24 years, specializing in catalytic processes. He is now a consultant scientist with his own company and an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the University of Glasgow. He is an internationally recognized expert in the investigation of process catalyst performance and catalyst deactivation.

  • Dr. Martin Fowles, has 33 years of industrial experience working for ICI and Johnson Matthey on many aspects of syn-gas catalysts and technology development. He has wide ranging experience of heterogeneous catalyst testing and catalyst manufacturing, preparation and forming and a particular interest in carbon formation during syn-gas reactions.

  • Prof. Stewart Parker is the Catalysis Scientist at the ISIS Pulsed Neutron and Muon Source in Oxford-shire. He joined the ISIS Facility in 1993 after eight years working for BP Research. His interests are in the use of neutron scattering techniques (including diffraction, vibrational spec-troscopy and diffusion studies) to better understand the species present on, and in, het-erogeneous catalysts.