Postgraduate taught 

Advanced Practice in Health Care MSc(MedSci)

What our students say

What our students say

"I would highly recommend the postgraduate Health Care programme. It is challenging, enjoyable and highly relevant. It challenges your beliefs and attitudes in a positive way and enhances critical analysis skills, which are highly valuable for any health care professional.

The courses I undertook were fantastic;

"Research Methods and Statistics" provided a strong foundation for embarking on a research proposal.

"Education in Practice" gave a thought-provoking insight into both theory and practice of education in a fun and engaging way.

"Advanced Communication" provided insight into the nuances of communication and emphasised the vital importance of paying attention to our communications with our patients and other staff.

"Providing Spiritual Care" and "Professional Practice in Spiritual Care" although primarily designed for the Health Care chaplain are highly relevant to any healthcare professional. The courses placed emphasis on holistic care and compassion and maintained a patient-centred approach throughout; prepare to be changed in a personal way!

The staff members are very approachable, flexible, helpful and highly engaging. I am very happy that I undertook this course from both a professional and personal viewpoint."


"I started MSc Health Care at Glasgow in 2010 and completed in 2012. The whole experience was really positive for me. I hadn’t done any formal academic work for a while so wasn’t sure what to expect. The structure of the course worked really well for me with the modules in Year 1 providing a steep learning curve. The face to face teaching allowed a good class dynamic to develop. There was a wide choice of modules and all were relevant to my clinical practice. The research component was new to me, but gave a great pathway into Year 2 which focussed on research and dissertation.

There is a great team of approachable teaching and admin staff-when I ran into a funding problem in Year 2 they went the extra mile to get it sorted out. The MSc provided me the opportunity to research an area of clinical interest in depth and has yielded two peer review journal publications. I would strongly recommend this MSc to all health professionals." 


"As a graduate of the University of Glasgow's undergraduate nursing programme, I was aware that undertaking my MSc Med Sci at the same school would mean an excellent opportunity to extend my academic career. However, I was not expecting the changes this choice would mean to my professional working life. To say my two years at Glasgow changed my nursing life would be an understatement; it took my career to a whole other level.

The value of being supported to extend my thinking from that of a frontline nurse, to that of a strategic player, enabled me to have faith in my abilities to peruse a secondment in Clinical Risk at my Trust. I don’t think I would have considered that opportunity if I hadn't been at Glasgow. This secondment, along side my MSc and the opportunity to study with like minded professionals, has inspired me to think bigger and better. Two years on since I graduated with my MSc, I now hold the role of Clinical Nurse Educator for my speciality. My dream job. Thank you Glasgow, I couldn't have done it without you!"


“Graduating with a MSc in Health Care from the University of Glasgow has been one of my proudest achievements. The memory of looking up to the spectator’s gallery and seeing my wife and parents watching me graduate will stay with me for many years to come.

I followed the generic Masters route studying the ethics, communication in palliative care, education and management modules. This was in addition to the research methods component. Much of the work I undertook wasn’t new. However, I was encouraged to seek a deeper meaning to my learning and critically analysis my practice. Indeed, critical analysis was central to all the learning experiences which allowed me to cement and develop the skills required to be a contemporary health care practitioner.

I found this learning experience to be challenging, rewarding but overall enjoyable. The support from the teaching staff was excellent. I was made to feel welcome and their willingness to motivate the students to succeed is an integral part of this course. Any testimony must include the input from the administration and janitorial staff whose input facilitated students to concentrate on their studies.

I entered nursing as a mature student and believe that  nursing and lifelong learning are inseparable, an opinion which undertaking a MSc in health care reinforced. I would highly recommend this course, as this qualification has already allowed me to develop and move forward my career. More importantly, I feel that my studies have equipped me with the knowledge to be a more effective practitioner and therefore improve the health and wellbeing of people whom I have a professional responsibility for.”