Postgraduate taught 

Global Migrations & Social Justice MSc

Background and aims

Background and aims

The programme combines sound theoretical grounding with the opportunity to tailor studies to existing knowledge and interests through an interdisciplinary choice of options. Thanks to the knowledge, skills and expertise that GRAMNet and its knowledge exchange partners can provide, this programme will foster links between students, statutory services and third sector agencies, through lectures delivered by professionals working with migrants, and through practical options for collaborative and arts-based projects.

Now more than ever it seems that as we need to move beyond the headlines and focus on the social and historical factors that shape and structure migration; we need to build knowledge about laws and policies in relation to migration and we need to ground this in a broader understanding of human rights and social justice. Through this approach, you will become familiar with immigration policies and critically examine how these influence migrants’ experiences from a social justice perspective. You will be encouraged to adopt an intersectional lens to analyse the issues faced by migrants, in order to consider how the combination of different factors such as gender, age, sexual orientation and faith can impact on individuals’ experiences of moving and settling. You will also be encouraged to appraise and explore creative ways to engage with the subject of study, and the potential offered by art-based approaches for mutual understanding and intercultural interactions.

Programme aims

  • To provide students with a sound understanding of the issues that relate to human mobility and the skills and knowledge needed to investigate specific areas of interest
  • To introduce students to the idea of, and debates around, a public social science and to foster their ability to engage critically with debates around global migrations and social justice
  • To offer students theoretical and practical understanding of the role of civil society in relation to migration and social justice
  • To provide students with the skills to explore theoretical debates and to engage in practice-oriented reflection
  • To provide students with the theoretical understanding and the practical skills needed to carry out a piece of research on issues that relate to human mobility