Postgraduate taught 

Food Security MSc

Research projects

Research projects

Below are examples of possible projects available to you on the MSc Food Security:

Searching for novel insecticide targets

Using metabolomics to elucidate insect function

Functional genomics of insect epithelia

Novel approaches to improve nutrient usage efficiency in crops

Epigenetic manipulation of crop yield

What are the best strategies to improve resistance of oilseed rape to pest attack?

Enhancing the efficiency of water use by plant models and crops

Signalling and ion transport regulation in stomatal guard cells

Biomarkers of disease in livestock: assessment of the diagnostic value of acute phase protein

Proteomics and metabolomics in biomarker discovery for diseases of farm animals

Functional investigation of the comparative biology of plasma proteins in the host defence of farm animals to pathogens

Acute phase proteins in bovine mastitis: production, function and biomarker capacity

Nasal secretion as a barrier to infection in livestock