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Environment & Sustainable Development MSc

Industry projects

Industry projects

Dive into the heart of real-world business challenges with our exciting industry projects*.

You’ll have the option to shape your future and choose one of two pathways: completing a dissertation or applying to complete an industry project. 

The projects are assigned on a competitive basis based on merit.

What is an industry project?

Ready to bridge the gap between classroom learning and the real business world? Our industry projects offer hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and a chance to make a difference with partner organisations.

For an immersive 8–10 week period, you’ll apply theory to practice to solve real-world business problems for a range of organisations.

*Industry Projects are not guaranteed. All applications are subject to availability and review processes. We will support candidates with their applications before the deadline but if unsuccessful, they can opt for a research proposal for their dissertation. Students can also secure their own projects with approval from academic and/or professional services.

What our students said


Kylie Lynch, MSc Development Studies

  • Name: Kylie Lynch Student standing in front of poster for sustainable development goals
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Programme: MSc Development Studies
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: International Development

Tell us about your industry project and how it benefitted you.

I was very glad I did it and felt as though I have gained far more through working with an organisation like Water Witness to help solve a real-world issue around sustainable water management in Ethiopia.



Alexander Southall, MSc Environment & Sustainable Development

  • Name: Alexander Southall Student headshot
  • Nationality: British 
  • Programme: MSc Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: Rural development/forestry and conservation. 

What did you think of the industry connections at the Adam Smith Business School?

The Adam Smith Business School Industry Connections are 10/10 I can only really speak for the Scottish Crofting Federation, but they were brilliant. Small, focussed, and enthusiastic organisation doing great work.

Tell us about your industry project experience?

I worked with Scottish Crofting Federation and they were brilliant. Very clear in their aims and expectations, very communicative and supportive throughout the project. The project never felt arbitrary – it will have a real impact.

I was doing research on a highly-relevant and important issue which they did not have the man-power/time to properly research themselves. Felt like a win-win in this regard. For them, the industry project was an opportunity for them to get the research done, and I got to work on something meaningful and rewarding.

What skills have you gained from your industry project?

Primary research skills, particularly in survey and data handling. Networking through workshops and events. Depth of knowledge in an emerging industry and its related regulation, very useful in an interview setting and on personal statement.

There is potential for me to present the project at future events which I would be glad to do. Through the project I have also spoken with/become aware of a number of industry players who I may be able to connect with in the future.



Avi Sharma, MSc Environment & Sustainable Development

  • Name: Avi Sharma 
  • Nationality: Indian 
  • Programme: MSc Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: Investment Appraisal Advisor – Carbon 

Describe your industry project

My experience with the Industry Project was excellent. I collaborated with P.G. Paper, where my task was to identify and aid in the reduction of their scope-3 emissions.

My most significant milestone was gaining a deeper understanding of carbon management within an industry and proposing methods to reduce it to the company. 

What opportunities has the industry project given you?

The industry project provided me with an opportunity to acquire skills that enhanced my employability. These skills offered me a practical understanding of how industries operate in the context of sustainability. 

I developed the ability to discuss and determine the scope of work that can be realistically addressed within real-world projects, taking into account the constraints at hand. This skill will be valuable when I work for any company, as it will allow me to effectively operate within limitations and set achievable timeframes and goals.



Ewan Haigh-Ferry, MSc Environment & Sustainable Development

  • Name: Ewan Haigh-Ferry Headshot of student
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Programme: MSc Environment & Sustainable Development
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: Job: Carbon Capture Policy Advisor with Ofgem

Describe your industry project

I really enjoyed my industry project experience, and if I could go back, I would absolutely choose to do an industry project again. I worked with EDAS and Scottish Enterprise, analysing Scottish Enterprise’s role in supporting the delivery of a just transition in Scotland.

What skills have you gained through your industry project and how will these help with your professional development?

Probably the most important skills I developed were my stakeholder engagement/communication skills. Working with and interviewing a range of people from Scotland’s public sector was really useful and I spoke about this in my job application and interview for Ofgem. 

Going forward, I think this will help me a lot in my career as I feel a lot more confident meeting with people in a professional context to discuss environmental issues. 

How has this experience benefitted you? 

I also do think that my industry project helped me to get my job, I had a job interview in late May when my project hadn’t really started, and I never got it. When it came to the interview for the job I now have, I felt a lot more confident and clued up for the interview and that was mainly because of what I had learned from my industry project and speaking with people involved in areas of relevance to the job.



Jose Fajardo, MSc Financial Technology

  • Jose Fajardo 
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Programme: MSc Financial Technology
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: Stock Market Trader 

How was your industry project experience? What company did you work with and how did this benefit you? 

During the research and testing process, I was always asking myself: how is this useful for the company? It was very helpful to focus on a particular problem that has an immediate real-life application. Moreover, having access to the CTO of Predictiva also helped to validate my approach, so in the end I know that my work has value.

I am very research oriented as well but getting my ‘hands dirty’ and getting to work solving a real business problem was an amazing benefit.



Pablo Giovani Monasterios Esteves, MBA

  • Name: Pablo Giovani Monasterios Esteves 
  • Nationality: Bolivia
  • Programme: Glasgow MBA
  • Job Function or Career Aspiration: Auditor

How was your industry project experience? What company did you work with and how did this benefit you?

My industry project experience was incredibly enriching. I had the privilege of collaborating with the startup BabyReady, and this experience significantly contributed to my professional growth.

Right from the outset, this experience broadened my skill set as I had to compete for the project opportunity, which involved showcasing my goals and potential contributions to the client.

Throughout the project, my responsibilities included identifying markets where the startup could expand its services successfully. This experience provided me with a unique perspective on how startups should present their ideas to potential investors. Moreover, it emphasized the importance of focusing on the core problem, even when solutions may seem unattainable initially. By thinking strategically, I learned to uncover innovative solutions that hadn't been considered before.



Shweta Prakash Singh, MSc Financial Technology

  • Name: Shweta Prakash Singh Student standing in front of the University of Glasgow
  • Nationality: India
  • Programme: MSc Financial Technology

How was your industry project experience? What company did you work with and how did this benefit you?

I worked with BabyReady Finance. Working with this company helped me gain a level of knowledge leading to great experience, like working with AI model. This experience will help me in future roles under any developer team.


Who will you work with?

You’ll benefit from our diverse industry connections. Depending on your programme of study, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients. Some previous clients students have worked with included:


Large and medium-sized multinational firms

  • Amazon
  • Barclays
  • LifeScan
  • Mott MacDonald
  • Multiplex
  • PG Paper
  • Unilever
  • Virgin Money



Scotland based start-ups

  • BabyReady Finance
  • CienDos
  • Data Understood
  • PolyDigi Tech
  • Predictiva
  • SOAR Tech



Charitable organisations

  • Climate Action Strathaven
  • Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector
  • Scottish Environmental and Outdoor Education Centres Association Limited (SOEC)
  • Scottish Sports Futures
  • Water Witness



Government organisations

  • Glasgow City Council
  • Scottish Enterprise
  • Zero Waste Scotland


What our partners said

The student project benefitted our work in Ethiopia and the recommendations gave us great insight on the priority actions. Water Witness  

Miles’ performance has reflected strong engagement, competence, innovation, and professionalism. He has been a star during our retrofit Strathaven project. Climate Action, Strathaven

The student projects helped us understand the ways in which we can support the wider economic development community, particularly younger people. EDAS

The students’ fresh perspectives and up-to-date knowledge of the latest technologies and market trends have given us new avenues for innovation. Babyready Finance

The insights from the students were really enlightening and very useful for the company’s ongoing R&D efforts. Predictiva

The amount of effort put in was amazing and the company has come out with some really useful information on which to build our reward strategy. Soapworks


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