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Corporate & Financial Law LLM

What our students say

What our students say

Ryan P. Burton, United States (2017-18)

'The University of Glasgow is truly a world-class institution that is committed to its students and research. The LLM in Corporate & Financial Law offers academically stimulating seminars and lectures on a variety of subjects and are taught by excellent professors. The programme is exceptionally diverse with students coming from countries all over the world; which adds a unique international dimension, especially with regard to the discussions in seminars. The administration at the University is very detailed, organised, and ready to assist students with any questions that may arise. The library offers all the books and materials you need for your research and studies, including a dedicated study annex just for postgraduate students. Life in Glasgow is incredible. There are many student offers available in restaurants, bars, and other entertainment. Art and culture are free in Glasgow, as you can visit all the museums and the Botanic Gardens free of charge. If you are searching for a globally recognised university that offers relevant and specialised courses in different areas of law taught by highly qualified professors, or an enriching student life experience and meeting students from around the world, then this LLM programme at the University of Glasgow is undoubtedly the perfect choice.'

Sylwia Jakuczun, Poland (2017-18)

'I decided to apply for the LLM in Corporate & Financial Law after completing my LLB at the University of Glasgow. I wanted to stay in the top law school in Scotland, which is also ranked 2nd in the UK, according to the Complete University Guide. The main advantage of the School of Law is its staff and very experienced professors. It is true that ‘People Make Glasgow’ and the same can be said about the University.'

M&A transactions

'I had an opportunity to participate in a newly offered course Mergers and acquisitions transactions. The course combines practical and theoretical aspects of M&A transactions and from my understanding, only two other law schools offer such a course. It is taught by Dr Konstantinos Sergakis, Dr Javier Solana and Jonathan Hardman, a senior associate at a leading Scottish law firm Dickson Minto. I enjoyed working on real documents, such as Share Purchase Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements and articles of association. The lecturers were very approachable, knowledgeable and friendly.'

International finance law

'Similarly, the International finance law course gives you an insight into the documents used by international finance and banking lawyers, such as those produced by the Loan Market Association or the International Swaps and Derivatives Association. The course gives you a flavour of what a trainee in a law firm needs to watch out for in those documents. Professor George Walker is an extremely experienced professional, who advises the Bank of England and has been a consultant for the International Monetary Fund and the biggest UK law firms. All lectures are recorded, which is helpful for revision purposes. Professor Walker also organises a trip for students each year to Edinburgh to visit the most important places in the Scottish capital, including the Scottish Parliament and the Court of Sessions.'

International merger control

'The International merger control course is probably the best course I have ever taken. Professor Mark Furse is an experienced teacher and has a lot of international contacts. He teaches and works in Australia and China throughout the year and knows a lot about the current merger control regimes and competition law issues. Students are always encouraged to ask questions and participate during the seminars, which is a very good way of learning.'

Glasgow University International Law Society

'There are a lot of extracurricular activities and societies to get involved with while studying at the University of Glasgow. You can join the Glasgow University International Law Society or write an article for the GULS Law Review. There are numerous employment events, law fairs, ceilidh dances and law balls organised every year for law students. Everybody is welcome to attend and as an international student, I made a lot of friends during those events. The students on my programme are very friendly and it is amazing to learn about their international legal experience.'

Mooting Society

'I also recommend participating in numerous external and internal moots, which are organised by the Mooting Society. This year LLM students represented the University in Vienna in the Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, which is an excellent opportunity to develop your advocacy, problem solving and public speaking skills.'

Eilidh McTavish, United Kingdom (2017-18)

'I was initially attracted to the University of Glasgow for my Masters degree due to its stellar reputation and international standing. The School of Law exceeded my expectations and I have thoroughly enjoyed my LLM in Corporate & Financial Law. For me, there is no better way to progress from my undergraduate degree than with the innovative classes the school has to offer. The M&A transactions course in particular stood out for me which was new this year and I would highly recommend it to any future students. Overall, I think the LLM suits students from any jurisdiction because there is always an international perspective.'

Francesco Meccariello, Italy (2017-18)

'I decided to study at the University of Glasgow because it is one of the most prestigious universities both in the UK and internationally. It is famous for its tradition in always providing the best education for their students and for its multicultural environment, which attracts many students from all over the world. Furthermore, the School of Law has a worldwide reputation and it is considered the best law school in Scotland. I am attending the LLM in Corporate & Financial Law as a part-time student and, after my first year, I can say that it is a challenging academic experience and an exciting life experience. The fame of the University of Glasgow and its School of Law is absolutely deserved. The staff of the school are always very kind and friendly. During the induction week, they provide you with all the information you need to better face your academic year. Furthermore, during the academic year, you are always updated on everything related to your academic activities. The staff create a familiar and welcoming atmosphere, giving you the opportunity to participate in social events such as Christmas drinks and Easter drinks. An impressive aspect of studying at the University of Glasgow is that it provides you with all the support you need for studying. A huge number of books and articles is available on the website of the University or at its Library. This means that you can study without buying any books. The library is a really good place for studying. There is a very quiet floor dedicated to postgraduate students where you can concentrate and study comfortably.

The level of teaching is excellent and the teachers are always available to provide you with further explanation, both at the end of your classes and by e-mail, if you should encounter any difficulty in your studying. In my first academic year, I attended the courses in Corporate finance and International financial regulation. Corporate finance has provided me with an up-to-date legal knowledge, in particular about the law of capital markets in the EU and the UK. With regards to the course in International financial regulation, the part concerning financial technology was really interesting and I think it will be very useful and helpful for me to find future employment. Financial Ttchnology is, in fact, a new financial area where the demand for specialised professionals is continuously increasing. An extra-curricular experience that I have really appreciated was the visit to Edinburgh organised by Professor George Walker. It was a pleasant way to spend a day with him and to socialise with the classmates of International financial regulation course.

An additional really good reason for deciding to study at the University of Glasgow is the city of Glasgow itself. I have been living in Glasgow for over two years and I have settled in well. In particular, I have adapted to the lifestyle of this city and I have been admiring, throughout my experience in Glasgow, the Scottish culture and the Scottish people. Their way to always be respectful and to be naturally welcoming to everyone compels me to view them as good-hearted people. The phrase ‘People Make Glasgow’, that you can read on the Daily Record building in the City Centre, perfectly sums up the friendly atmosphere of this city and its people.'

Santiago Ramirez, France (2017-18)

'Studying at the University of Glasgow has been an amazing experience for me! Many reasons lead me to pursue my Masters degree here. The School of Law is among the most recognised in Europe, and studying in a university created more than 500 years ago is sincerely impressive. Also, the LLM in Corporate & Financial Law was the most suitable Masters for me and my professional ambitions. Very few universities across the UK offer a programme specialised in that field of law with a focus on finance. Besides, the professors are highly skilled and really comprehensive toward foreign students, since most of us were from different countries. At first, it was difficult to get used to the UK teaching method, for instance with the amount of reading required, but I quickly managed to adapt myself. Classes of small groups also fostered discussions and the use of concrete examples to bring a practical perspective to the seminars and benefit from a better understanding of complex topics.

The staff of the School of Law and the University in general are truly competent and always available, and I never had to complain about anything, either on campus or in my accommodation. The library is extremely convenient, with extended opening hours and an impressive amount of material. Online resources are very helpful for the readings, to write essays or dissertation, or more broadly, to keep informed (e.g. free subscription to LexisLibrary, Thomson Reuters, the Financial Times etc.). Beyond my legal studies, I believe that the University provides tremendous opportunities to open people’s mind. Half of the students are international, and I had the chance to meet people from all around the world. Plus, there are so many societies to get involved with and have a go. For example, I joined and became an active member of the Glasgow University FinTech Society, which was genuinely an enriching experience. I also had the possibility to practice a new sport in one of the many clubs of the sports association.

Finally, Glasgow is an impressive city. Before I arrived, I did not expect this city to be so dynamic and lively. The city’s slogan, ‘People Make Glasgow’ is literally accurate; people are so welcoming and joyful. Glasgow has a lot to offer from a cultural point of view, with many museums and musical or sport events, as well as parks, pubs or restaurants to spend good times. It is also close to Edinburgh and the Highlands, which is convenient for an international student who wants to discover the beautiful landscapes of Scotland. My LLM in Corporate & Financial Law completes my degree in France, and I can now stand out from other students back in my country. More importantly, the quality of the teaching helped me to figure out precisely in which area of financial law I want to practice later on. I will never forget my experience at the University of Glasgow and all the wonderful people I have met here.'