Integrative sensing and measurement

Sensing and Measurement is perhaps the most fundamental scientific capability required and utilised by society. It impacts on all areas of life, from integrated atomic clocks for GPS location through the myriad of chemical and physical sensors found in science, industry, environmental monitoring, consumer goods, biomedicine, food, energy and transport.

Our four-year doctoral programme

You will take Masters-level training in fundamental and applied aspects of the multi-disciplinary field of sensing and measurement, you will conduct a PhD or EngD research project, receive training in the skills required for leaders in industry, academia and research.

Our varied programme provides opportunities for close collaboration with industry and international academic collaboration. 

Key elements

  • Multidisciplinary research spanning Physics, Engineering and Chemistry
  • University-focused and Industry-focused research projects available including CASE conversion
  • Training in fundamentals and applications of sensing and measurement
  • Research-focused training in world-leading research groups from day one
  • Entrepreneurial, creativity and transferrable-skills training
  • Extended research visits with leading international partners including the Universities of Stanford, Duke, Twente, Tokyo, Ottawa and Caltech
  • PhD research within the Colleges of Science and Engineering at Glasgow University and Edinburgh University

You will be immersed in a world-leading, multidisciplinary research community at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities together with our industrial partners, united by the common language, concepts and applications of sensing and measurement. 

Research opportunities exist with numerous themes, including: 

  • Nanofabrication and microfabrication
  • Chemical, biomedical sensing, lab-on-a-chip, lab-in-a-pill
  • Time and frequency measurement
  • Quantum sensing and radiation measurement
  • Electromagnetic sensing from radio-frequency, through THz and visible to ultraviolet
  • Optical sensing, spectroscopy and imaging
  • Microscale imaging
  • Magnetometry
  • Measurement of gravity and acceleration
  • National-standards measurement

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