First DTC PhD Graduate

Published: 22 January 2010

Congratulations Dr Emma Carrick.

Emma Carrick successfully defended her thesis on the 7th January 2010 with Peter Roepstorff from the University of Southern Denmark and Dimitris Xirodimas as her examiners. Peter is semi-retired and is really the godfather of proteomics in Europe, having spent over 40 years using mass spectrometry to analyse proteins and peptides. Dimitris is from the GRE division and his work is focussed on the role of the small ubiquiitn like modifier NEDD8. Emma is now working at the Paterson Institute in Manchester with Tony Whetton and is pictured with her supervisor Nick Morrice and a few other members of his group, showing off one of her post viva presents.

First published: 22 January 2010

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