Starting your programme

Programme start dates in 2020/21

Postgraduate taught programmes now have staggered starts: in September, November or January. 

Some programmes have a dual start of September and January.

Options if your new start date is unsuitable

If your programme start date has changed and is no longer suitable for you, you can:

  • Explore your options for starting on the new date
  • See if other similar programmes that you are qualified for have a start date that better suits you, and ask us to change your offer
  • Consider deferring your studies to the 2021/22 academic year
  • Withdraw your 2020/21 application by declining your offer.

If you wish to request a change to your offer, please submit your request to with the title “OFFER CHANGE” in the subject line. We will respond to your request within 14 working days.

Should I move to Glasgow for the start of my programme?

As per the current semester (programmes commencing in September and November 2020), much of the teaching in the semester commencing 11 January 2021 will be delivered online.

In all cases, you can enrol and begin your studies remotely if you cannot or do not wish to physically begin your studies in Glasgow. There are some exceptions to this and Schools will be in touch to provide you with guidance as to whether your programme or course requires on-campus attendance.

We will provide a wide range of welcome and induction activities, regardless of how you start your studies.

Please note that if you are an international student and wish to benefit from the new graduate immigration route, you will need to be in Glasgow by the 6 April 2021.

Enrolling remotely

If you decide to enrol remotely, you must first register online: 

Once you have registered, you can enrol for classes. Your programme, School or College will be in touch directly with more detailed information about online access to your courses so you can begin your studies on time remotely.

Checklist for new students

Whether you are starting your programme on-campus or remotely, we've compiled a checklist to guide you through what you need to do.

Welcome & induction activities

This year, there will be a combination of online and on-campus induction activities to welcome you to the University of Glasgow.

Joining Team UofG during the 2020/21 academic year will be like no other, and we are working hard to ensure your transition to the University of Glasgow is as exciting, informative and safe as it can possibly be.

We have introduced new online orientation modules for you to work through to help you prepare for University and Glasgow life. Your School / College will also be providing academic orientation and induction activities to help you get the best possible start.