How you'll be taught

Teaching will mostly be delivered online in semester 1 to ensure the safety of students. 

Where feasible, essential face-to-face experiences in laboratories and other skills-based sessions will be held on campus. On-campus learning will be supported by use of on-campus study spaces and contact with your Adviser of Studies and Lecturers.

Lectures, Seminars & Tutorials

As long as the 2-metre physical distancing rules required by the Scottish Government are in place, we are required to deliver large group teaching remotely, because we cannot bring large groups of students together in a teaching space.  

This means that we will provide pre-recorded or live lectures, tutorial and seminar sessions and other learning materials through our virtual learning environment (VLE).

These teaching experiences will be enhanced by learning activities and guided reading, as would normally be the case. These may involve guest speaker input, simulation activities, peer support and other interactive experiences.

Campus teaching

We understand the importance of the on-campus experience to you and we are committed to prioritising safe teaching on campus, as much as physical distancing rules allow.

We anticipate on-campus teaching will take place increasingly throughout your programme of study. As we increase on-campus provision, we will prioritise the delivery of teaching in small groups, such as tutorials, specialist skills sessions and labs.

Learning facilities

You will be able to access the library and study spaces on campus, in ways that observe physical distancing requirements, throughout your period of study.