Previous IMAESC Visiting Scholars

Dr Alison Mackenzie, Queen’s University
University of Glasgow: 07 December - 10 December 2016

  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Epistemic Injustice: How ways of knowing are excluded from discourse
  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Visible and Invisible Disabilities: Ignorance, Stereotypes and Epistemic Injustices
  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Application: Epistemic Injustice in Practice

Dr Antonia De Vita, Univeristy of Verona
University of Malta: 01 March - 04 March 2017

  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Transition and new theories of change

Professor Katarina Popovic, Univeristy of Belgrade
University of Malta: 01 May - 07 May 2017

  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Adult education and lifelong learning in the global agenda - critical view 
  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Issues of international adult education

Professor Anja Heikkinen, University of Tampere
Tallinn University: 09 October - 16 October 2017

  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Historical understanding of adult education solutions in different societal and cultural contexts 
  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Professionalization of adult education, taking into account different contexts and current transnational adult education policies
  • Postgraduate seminar/masterclass: Research methodology and developing research proposal