New exhibition aims to show how our BodyWorks

A new exhibition focusing on the wonders of the human body and showcasing the latest research in health and wellbeing opens at the Glasgow Science Centre this week.

The BodyWorks exhibition features 115 interactive exhibits, research capsules and live laboratory experiments that will give a unique insight into the human body – including real anatomy specimens of the chest, head and neck and upper limbs which have been selected from the Laboratory of Human Anatomy in the University of Glasgow’s Museum of Anatomy.

Over 190 experts from academia and industry have helped bring their vision to shape the content of this new exhibition.

Dr Paul M Rea, senior clinical anatomist, who has been involved on the Glasgow Science Centre’s advisory group, and is an ambassador for outreach work said:

“This is a truly amazing way to see exactly what our human body looks like inside. Although there have been many exhibitions on anatomy before, this for me is when the true science behind the human body can help everybody understand how things are placed in the wider context of the human body.

“We have a fantastic body donation programme here in the West of Scotland, to whom we are eternally grateful to our donors. This exhibition will allow the public to see exactly how we train the next generation of doctors, dentists, nurses, scientists and all of our allied health professionals.

“Nothing is more fascinating than the anatomy of the human body. Now for the first time the public can see the different components of the human body, and find out how it works, and also what happens when illness affects it”.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public on the 28th March 2013.

For more information contact Stuart Forsyth in the University of Glasgow Media Relations Office on 0141 330 4831 or email

First published: 28 March 2013

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