University of Glasgow signs agreement with Kolkata counterpart

Issued: Mon, 14 Nov 2011 12:40:00 GMT

The University of Glasgow has signed an agreement with its prestigious counterpart the University of Calcutta to work together and increase collaboration.

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed with by Glasgow’s Principal & Vice-Chancellor Professor Anton  Muscatelli and Calcutta’s Vice Chancellor Professor Suranjan Das at a ceremony in Kolkata.

The agreement with Calcutta will focus on collaboration in arts research and commence with a fellowship for a staff member or post-graduate student to undertake a Masters in Museum Studies at Glasgow in 2012. A position for a student to assist in curating a University of Glasgow Special Collections exhibition in Kolkata in 2013-14 will also be offered.

Other areas of collaboration will also be explored between the two prestigious universities, including student and staff exchanges, collaborative research projects and lectures and sympsosia.

Professor Anton Muscatelli, Principal & Vice Chancellor of the University of Glasgow, said: “The commitment we have made to work more closely with the University of Calcutta reflects the collaborative nature of modern Higher Education around the world.

“By working together with our partners in India we can conduct research that can truly transform the world, and offer opportunities to our students that could change their lives. We very much look forward to further developing this partnerships for our mutual benefit.”


For more information contact Stuart Forsyth in the University of Glasgow Media Relations Office on 0141 330 4831 or email