Glasgow post-graduate research in BBC History Magazine

Issued: Wed, 18 Mar 2009 14:11:00 GMT

Research by Glasgow post graduate Campbell Wilson features in the current issue of the BBC History Magazine.

Campbell Wilson, a PhD student in the Centre for Business History at the University was interviewed about his research into the Renewable Energy Sector from 1973-1988.

His research charts the development of the Renewables industry in the UK after the first oil price shock of 1973 and examines technologies that could be used for the generation of electricity including solar, wave, water, tidal, wind, landfill gas, and biomass. Though primarily a business history, the research also examines government policy in the period as this had a major impact on the development of new sources of energy.

BBC History Magazine asked Campbell, “What can history teach us about Britain’s search for an energy policy?” and his illuminative responses inform the ongoing debate over our future energy choices.

Campbell Wilson works with Professor Ray Stokes, Professor of Business History and Professor Neil Rollings, Head of Economic and Social History.

The article is available now in the March 2009 edition of BBC History Magazine and will later be available to read online at this website: 

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