University transport expert to advise parliamentary committee

University of Glasgow transport expert Iain Docherty has been appointed an adviser to the Scottish Government’s Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change Committee.

Iain Docherty is a senior lecturer and Director of the MBA programme at the University of Glasgow’s Business School. His research interests include projects on competitiveness, governmental restructuring and transport policy. 

Subject Committees in the Parliament conduct an annual scrutiny of the Scottish Government's budget proposals and Iain will advise and assist in an examination of the road and rail transport budget.

Among his duties, as a parliamentary committee adviser, are the following:

• Assisting in setting out a framework for gathering evidence;
• Briefing the Committee on road and rail transportation issues
• Sifting the evidence gathered;
• Analysing the findings;
• Assisting with the Committee’s response to Finance Committee;
• Providing specialist expertise.

The first meeting of the advisers takes place on Thursday 11 October.

Further information:
Martin Shannon, Media Relations Officer
Tel: 0141 330 8593

First published: 10 October 2007

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