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Published: 20 August 2007

A new art exhibition will display the beauty of science this summer

A new exhibition, Nanovisions, will display the beautiful and surprising side of science this summer by using nanotechnology as the basis of a range of artistic displays.

At the forefront of cutting edge scientific developments, nanotechnology involves the manipulation of particles 70,000 times smaller than a hair’s breadth and is used in all areas including the development of new medicines and the latest electronic gadgets.Carbonbot

The new exhibition, organised by the University of Glasgow, will take nanotechnology out of the lab and show how science can be aesthetically beautiful. Artist Murray Robertson will take visual materials from the University’s Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering and will produce images, stills and animations based on these materials.

Event organiser Charlie Ironside said: “This exhibition will bring together the arts and science to highlight another, less appreciated, side of nanotechnology. Working in engineering I have seen some amazing images develop while conducting scientific research and it will be fantastic to see this natural, accidental beauty fully appreciated.”

Nanovisions is supported by the Engineering and Physical  Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and the exhibition site can be viewed at

The exhibition will be held at the Glasgow Science Centre from 24 August to 24 December 2007. The exhibition will open from 10am-6pm Mon-Fri. The exhibition is free with a Science Mall ticket.

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For more information please contact Kate Richardson at the University of Glasgow’s Media Relations Office on 0141 330 3683 or email

First published: 20 August 2007

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