'Sex, Drugs and a Bacon Roll'

Friday 4th October 1pm

The 'Baldy Bane Theatre Company' in conjunction with Strathclyde Police and the Crime Awareness Panel for Educational Establishments (CAPEE) are to present a comedy with a serious message aimed at advising students on personal safety.

Using laughter and short scenarios to highlight potential dangers to students, 'Sex, Drugs and a Bacon Roll' will offer advice to help prevent them becoming victims of crime. The target audience is primarily first year new entrants, as the play hopes to offer valuable information in the early stages of their studying in Glasgow. However it will also provide a safety assurance message and promote Glasgow as a safe and vibrant city to live and socialise in, and is open to all.

CAPEE comprises of both staff and students from Glasgow's three Universities and police officers, who all work together to tackle problems of crime on campus by developing and implementing crime prevention initiatives. This is the first time that the panel have approached students through drama and humour during the 'fresher' period.

This is the final performance of a run that has visited 8 different venues around Glasgow. It will be attended by the University of Glasgow's rector Greg Hemphill who is supporting the CAPEE venture and who commented that 'It is great to see drama and humour being used to encourage students to think about personal safety and raise awareness of crime likely to affect them.'

'Sex, Drugs and a Bacon Roll' will be performed at 1pm on Friday 4th October in the John MacIntyre Building, University of Glasgow.
Entry is free and at the end of the performance students will be given free safety packs.

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First published: 3 October 2002

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